Graphic issues Candidate 3


After downloading and instaling the Rhino Candidate 3 (C3), several graphic issues apperad.
as you may see in the following image.

the black contour lines tend to disappear. even if they are not intercepting other object.

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altough i’ve had done the downlod, and installed the C3 (RhinoWIP_5B48), every time i opne the Rhino, e ask to make the download of the new version (5B48), and in the openning window still appers the version 5A854.



Rhino WIP an RCs are different versions, if you want to update your RC2 (5A854) you should download there right RC3 (5A855). The RhinoWIP (5B48) is a Update for the WIP release, you could see the differences by the name Rhinoceros (RC) or RhinoWIP (also with a “WIP” in the icon).

But: The updatelink in the RC2 is wrong, the link for the download seems to be for the WIP version.
WIP: (link from the RC2 update alert window)
RC3: (correct link for the RC versions)

The are a number of places where we have update links and we have been working to get them all correct as we switch from the previous Wenatchee download to two separate Work In Progress download and the combined Commercial/Evaluation download.

There is the Learn More… button when Rhino displays a dialog saying a new version is available. There are various web style links in the text of this same dialog. There are even more links in our discourse posts for downloading.

Which RC2 link is wrong? We want to get these all correct.

@marlin: The “Download Now…” link on the lower right corner within the dialog. The Screenshot is taken from the WIP because my RC is up to date now. BTW: the Link within the WIP is right.

Edit: here is the right screenshot for the RC version:

Thanks for reporting this. This should be fixed now. Please let us know if it is not.