Link mixup with 'check for updates' in RC1

if i go Rhinoceros-> Check for updates in RC1, i’m notified of an update but it’s for the WIP and the link takes me to the WIP download…

if i use this link: (from the Release Candidate 2 thread)

i can then go on to download RC2

It seems that if I have the RC & WIP installed, it checks for WIP even if it is not running. I downloaded a WIP update earlier today, then just checked for update in RC2 and told me a new WIP was available.



(off topic ish)
i’m having problems using Atom right now… autocomplete is working upon starting the listener but ‘Save and Run in Rhino’ isn’t working for me… maybe a clash with the two versions thinking the other one is the listener? or something…
i’ll investigate further and make a new thread if i find more info.

The link I got after putting my email on the site page via email was:

The version it actually downloaded on the DMG was:

Version 5.1 WIP (5B42W), it’s modification date shows as 4/30/15 and the DMG date shows as 5/12/15

Something’s wonky, as I’m also getting this on launch:

And when I click the learn more button it takes me to the same page to go through the process to get the wrong link, with the non matching DMG with the wrong WIP.