Raytracing giving trouble

Hi, had a couple instances where raytacing causes Rhino to quit. Thanks,Mark

Same happened here just now when going from Raytraced to wireframe.

Yes thats what I did. Thanks for confiming. —Mark

I got a crash as well when going from raytraced to another mode.

As a try-to-fix I deleted all displaymodes and restarted Rhino to let it populate the default modes again.
For now no crashes anymore


With what Rhino build does this happen?


I sent a report in. I wiil see if I can repeat it on the 6.28 build

Hi Nathan, it is 6.28 build. Hope it helps

Thanks @markintheozarks. I did make some changes to Raytraced prior to 28th of June, but in local tests I didn’t get any crashes, and absolutely not with ChangeSamples. I’ll be testing on my other machine too, to see if it happens on it too (I keep dev box and test box separate so I can test the WIP without an install interfering with my dev box).

I a few hours I’ll be at the office, so will be able to say more about the problem then.


Hi Nathan,

Today I get a crash when
1: I open a file that has a VP in raytraced mode
2: I change that VP to another displaymode -> Rhino stops

maybe this is related in some way:


@Willem the crash you describe here isn’t related to the topic you linked. I just created a pull request with a fix for this particular problem. The problem is probably also the one @markintheozarks experienced.

After some changes I made earlier this week a potential null referencing problem surfaced. Thing is that it didn’t happen on my machine during the tests I conducted prior to pushing the changes to Rhino master.

Even with a file submitted by @BrianJ on YouTrack I had a hard time reproducing the problem reliably. In the end it came down to timing. If the view update signalling happened to be a tad bit slow it could happen that signalling was done on underlying C++ implementation that
due to the mode switch already was freed.

This is now fixed in a PR and should soon be available in a daily build, at the latest in next public WIP.


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The PR has been merged, any daily build after this writing should have it, and the next public WIP.