Very Crashy Build


Especially when using rendering on subd and trying to rotate the model while Raytraced viewport is active. It’s crashing all the time:

Do you have anything specific that we can try to reproduce this with?

sorry lost it during the crash, you can check the crash reports I’ve sent.

Participation in the WIP development process directly implies you will help sort out problems you discover.

I’m running the V7 WIP on a crappy Intel display chip on a Microsoft Surface.
In a new file, I made a mesh box and used ToSubD.
I maximized the Perspective viewport and put it in Raytraced mode.

I’ve been rotating the view with my mouse and I’m not getting any crashes.

If you EXACTLY the same thing, does your V7 crash?

I did notice that after a while, the Surface began heating up and it’s little fan came on, which hardly ever happens. Since this is not a recommended hardware setup, I’m not at all surprised.

I have made several fixes since the release of the public WIP build that probalby address these crashes as well.

@ivelin.peychev please see your PM.

I am trying to help as much as I can, that’s why I send the crash reports and also report issues on the forum.

I cannot feel the heat from my PC but certainly when the crash happened the fans were going crazy.

Another thing you could test, as I remember doing that was trying to create a golden material from a Physically based material adding different parameters. I know absolutely nothing about what’s what there but I managed to get a nice glossy thing and while rotating it it crashed, and I hadn’t saved the model.

Another crash happened when I just un-docked the Named Positions panel.

here’s the crash dump I found from the Named Positions Panel crash:
RhinoCrashDump.3dm (45.4 KB)

Nothing special in there just two planar surfaces.

And here’s the other dump from the Raytraced rotation + physically based material crash:

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (92.8 KB)

The crash dumps are not generally all that useful.
They are just a dump of information in memory at the time of the crash.

Please follow my simple instructions with the SubD box and report back.
If that crashes for you, then we will have an example to work with.
A reliable, repeatable example is far more useful to tracking down a problem and fixing it than a crash dump file.

Is there anything you can do to improve the cooling on your graphics adapter?
This may be a heat problem and not specifically a problem with Rhino itself.

Nah, it’s not a heat problem, I’m running PUBG without a glitch.

It is also not crashing everytime I start Rhino. Could be just a misfortunate chain of actions.

I don’t think you can draw that absolute conclusion.

Please try my Subd box example.

I just tried Ivelin’s crash dump file (the 92.8kb one) that he posted above and it runs “fine” on my RTX 2060.
But it runs slow in fullscreen when I set the Rhino window it equivalent to FullHD.
(I expect that but, I also notice that Cycles now ignores the “use start up resolution” which to me is a must on anything more complex than a simple file like this. Please consider adding that as default)

And John, I presume your machine defaults to using the CPU, isn’t that right?

Ivelin, what graphiccard do you have, and which drivers are you using?

GTX 1060

And drivers?

pff Geforce experience is updating …

I did find a bug though, look at this:

This is the original file:

Then I select them and do a 5x5x1 array and suddenly the view gets blown out:

And if I reset Raytraced by swapping to shaded and back to raytraced it goes back to normal:

The file does not have any lights, only the environment.

there should be also a hidden image object in there, check the performance if it is shown and rendered.

Trust me, you want to uninstall that… If I were you I would do a clean reinstall of the drivers, with the bloat disabled. (Download the latest drivers and choose clean install to completely remove the old drivers)

:smiley: I uninstall and install that thing regularly depending on my mood. It does help with driver update, but it’s annoying when showing the overlay during games. And sometimes I record the magnificent achievements in games :wink:

Only sub-d’s here.
( I see it is hidden though)

The crashreport doesn’t have the image file, maybe it is causing issues, can you share the image?
Or even better, save the dagger file and share it here?