Raytraced Viewport: Emission Color ignored

Seems to ignore ‘Emission color’ completely, and only light up surrounding objects if ‘Self-illumination’ is turned on.

Is this on purpose? If so, perhaps HIDE the ‘Emission color’ picker altogether?

Hi Nates - if I change the emission color, I see a moment of that color in the raytrace, but then it seems to be swallowed up. Also, without self illumination, the material preview and full render shows the emission color… but the raytrace does not… looks wrong to me…

Also,full render does not have its cast shadow on the groundplane (skylight) colored or filled by any of the above, also wrong…



Pascal, please make YT items for these issues (if you haven’t already). I am currently on vacation, best to have these recorded.

Yep. workin’ on it…


Let me know if you want these split out or more explicit…


@nates, if you are looking for emissive material that works well with Raytraced you could use the TestShowPrivateContent toggle to show some special Cycles materials. You’ll find a specific emissive material that probably gives you what you need.

If you need a material that makes an object look green to the eye, but emit a red light you could use the Cycles XML material, the create a shader with Grasshopper. Mix two emission shaders, a green one with strength set to 1 to simulate shadeless, a red one where you set strength as high you need to light the scene. Add a light path node and plug the camera ray output to the closure mix node fac input. The red emission goes in top closure input, green in lower.

Yea, I noticed the oddness with and without the skylight turned on as well.

I love the way that ‘rendered’ is used while moving the view around, then ‘raytraced’ kicks in as soon as the view stops moving. It feels smoother.

Also ran into some situations where the displayed Raytraced view was FROOZEN. (moving the view worked, but as soon as I let up the mouse, it would “Snap” back to the last FROOZEN Raytraced view) The only way to fix it was to toggle to another view mode, then back to Raytraced. Seemed to happen more often when adding or removing lights.

RH-40303 is fixed in the latest WIP