Cycles in latest ignores shadows

Hi @nathanletwory I had to roll back to the previous WIP as the one I installed yesterday ignores making shadows.

By the way here is a small material test on what I am working on:


A bug was introduced in the underlying display pipeline. I fixed it earlier today.

Essentially the pipeline kept telling Raytraced to render without shadows.

Good, thanks!
I noticed that rectangular lights have object properties for “cast shadows” and “recieve shadows” and that doesn’t really make sense, so maybe these should be removed.

Hi Jorgen - I found you can kick shadows off again by un-checking and re-checking Shadows in the Display panel. You need to do it from time to time …


Hi, thanks, I just uninstalled, cleaned the regestry and reinstalled the previous build, so I’ll stick with this one until next week. :slight_smile:

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