Raytraced garish background

@nathanletwory I see that in the last couple of WIPs whenever I try to do a raytraced display I get a background like this even though I have not selected such a color anywhere in the .3dm:

I tried changing the background in the display mode properties and discovered that I got the same solid color for all selections except the gradients.

Is this an area that is still very much a WIP? How soon do you think you will get these connected up and working?

Or is it something you weren’t aware of?

Pink means missing image file generally. In environment it might mean you’ve hit amount of float texture amount (float texture is HDR or EXR). If you make many modifications to environments it currently can happen. Does it render better when switching to i.e. wireframe and back?

Is this with latest public WIP?

@nathanletwory Yes, 4-11-17 as well as the one from 2 weeks ago. (I didn’t install last weeks.)

On the question about wireframe and back: I did try that and raytraced behavior didn’t change when I went back to retraced.

BTW: When I first noticed this, the background setting was “Use Render Settings” if that means anything. As I said I tried all the other settings with the same result except for the gradients.

Not sure what is going on, renders just fine over here. Can you give me outputs from SystemInfo and RhinoCycles_DeviceCapabilities?

I did some experimenting here and discovered that files I created recently (this year) behave as they should (although I don’t get an image to show up as a background, but that may be because I don’t really know for sure what to do). Files I last saved in August and September of last year are the ones that have the problem.

I did a “SaveAs” of one of the old ones while the pink background raytraced mode was showing and opened the fresh save. It carried the issue through. Even switching to wireframe and back produced the same pink background.

Further experimenting disclosed that actually, it’s just one file that has a genealogy going back to Rhino 3. Some of the early versions read into V6 OK and didn’t show the issue. Here is an excerpt from the first version that showed the problem. Even though it’s not the whole file, it does demonstrate the problem.

RaytraceBackgroundExample.3dm (11.9 MB)