Inconsistent render results

I’m working on some simple renderings and for some reason I’m getting different results from two different files despite having the exact same settings. I’m using the Raytraced setting with the default studio environment, but in one of the doucents I get a darker background, while in the other I get a lighter background and softer, warmer colors (desired result). I’m curious as to why this is, if someone could perhaps shed some light on the situation. Screencaps attached.

I can’t think of anything obvious…could we get the files? You could send them privately to

Isn’t this related to the display mode background setting?

It could be - although that is a per-machine setting, not a per-document setting.

Thanks for your responses. I’ve prepared some files, and encountered even more strange results. 1.3dm is the original file with the desired results. 2.3dm is an export from the second file that for some reason is overexposed even though the settings are the same. 3.3dm is the second file where the background is darker. Though it seems I can’t seem to upload them, I think they’re too large. That in itself makes me wonder if there’s some kind of error as my files usually aren’t this large.

I’ve simplified the files and will attach them here. I’m having trouble recreating this issue, 1.3dm is the original with desired results and 2.3dm is overexposed.
1.3dm (6.7 MB) 2.3dm (6.7 MB)

edit: I might add that in the second file I’m still ecountering the darker background and harsher colors, even though sun and skylight is identical to the others.

The material of the landscape object is much brighter in 2.3dm - that seems to account for the over brightness.

The same materials are used in the second file where I encounter the issue of the darker background, which is not overexposed, just like the screencap in my first post. Exporting it causes it to become overexposed.

OK - can you send me the un-modified original files? If needed, upload them to here:

You should be able to upload huge files to there. Change the recipient email address to and I will see it sooner.

You are soo right, I read this quickly and took " I’m getting different results from two different files " as “different machines”. My bad!

Alright, the files are uploaded as a zip file, addressed to your email.

Hi there

In Sitmodeller, the background is set to “360* environment”, meaning you can see the background through the ground plane. In Skisser, the background is set to Solid Color - white. That’s why it is lighter.

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Sorry, I seem to have sent you the wrong settings. If you change to the 360 environment and skylight to 1.0 you should be able to recreate the issue. As seen in the screencaps from the first posts.