Raytraced / Cycles advanced settings

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I need to study this more, I have absolutely no idea what this part is about. I possibly need to add some conversions even.


It has been like this since blur was introduced so I guess it is deep in Rhino somewhere, so if you are going to support Aperture settings then it should probably be comparable to 35mm cameras (thus using “blur amount” might be an easier walk in the park)

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You mean to say that already before Cycles was introduced the blur terminology was… bad? Do you happen to know how the Blender Cycles focal blur settings terminology relate to the Real Photography world?

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Quick question
Why when I set transparent background in raytraced I get black background?

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In the viewport it should be black (sometimes isn’t, which is a bug and on my list). The transparency you really see only after doing a _ViewCaptureToClipboard or _ViewCaptureToFile and look at the result in i.e. GIMP.

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In my case the background stays black also when i viewcapture
I have saved the image as .png
I have also tried to do the same thing on a new file with just a cube, but I have encountered the same issue.

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Can you post the results of Help \Rightarrow System\;Information please?

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@gilberto.p.94 bumping the thread, can you post the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo?