Raster vs. Vector: printing differences

Inconsistencies between raster and vector printing — done via the print dialogue using the “Save as PDF” option (reference attached):

  • raster printing much closer to matching actual drawing properties (i.e. line thickness, including hatches)
  • vector linework is distorted/jagged and thus visually appears as though it’s not following original curvature of geometry
  • the “dot” linetype prints with squares rather than circles

RhinoWIP (6.13.18352.12046, 2018-12-18), macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6

RasterVector-PrintComparison.3dm (2.7 MB)
RasterVector-PrintComparison.pdf (144.0 KB)

Hello - thanks, I’ll take a look.

@SHOCKJOY, Here’s what I get in the latest build here - are these more like what you expected?

print1_Raster.pdf (274.2 KB)
Print2_Vector.pdf (23.0 KB)


It’s better using the latest build (6.13.19008.12056, 2019-01-08), so thanks. However, I’m still noticing some issues when printing in vector:

  • curve/arc geometry distortion
  • take the elements on layer 01-LINE <0.18> that are assigned a 0.18 print width – this is one of the thinner linetypes used in the document, but is printing visually closer to a 0.3 width
  • objects (mainly geometry, not necessarily fonts) that use the default print width are thinner in raster, thicker in vector (reference objects on 00-DIMS layer)