Random viewports

I just installed Rhino 5 (64-bit) on a relative new pc (Dell Latitude E6540). When starting Rhino and clicking into a certain viewport the other viewports randomly changed the perspective :-(. I 've never seen that behaviour after installations on new pcs before. Can anyone help me?

In Options>Modeling aids>Construction planes, have you got “Universal construction planes” checked? If so, and if you check “Standard construction planes” instead does the behavior go back to normal?


Hi Axel,

What type of GPU does the laptop have?
There have been reports of changing viewports in the past with AMD cards.
In any case try updating video drivers.

As a test, does the viewport randomizing also happen when you have only 3 viewports open?
(you can close a viewport with the command _CloseViewport)


Hi Willem,

thanks, indeed it is AMD. Updating is not in my hands because of company guidelines. But I will ask for an update.

If I switch to three or two viewports the behaviour is the same.


Hi Mitch,

thanks ofr the tip, but it don’t works.


Hi Axel

what AMD is it specifically?
To check if it’s indeed GPU related, uncheck accelerated hardware mode and see if that solves the problem.

This is only a temporary solution, untill you updated the drivers, as it will disable any meaningfull graphics calculation on the GPU.



Thank you very much, it works :slight_smile: .