Random points on limited area on a surface

Hello, Everybody

I am making a bracelet loosely based on an ancient Egyptian earring.

This is the earring:

These are some attempts:

What fascinates me in the original earring is the pseudo chaotic distribution of the “U” shapes.

I would like to create that “controlled chaos” by distributing randomly the points that determine the “U” within a limited area on the surface.

If the points could be randomly placed inside of the Green and Cyan circles, and if I could make the size of those circles bigger and smaller, I could make the “U” pattern more or less irregular.

A further development would be that the base torus would be slightly irregular, maybe a loft of slightly deformed circles in a polar array?

I thank you in advance for your advice,


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Moving the points within the circles is relatively easy, the hard bit is making the legs of these randomised scales terminate at the first lower scale they encounter. Do you have a method for doing that? I ask because I probably won’t be able to help you with that part of the problem.

ScaleBracelets.gh (16.9 KB)

This approach moves the points randomly in a 3D cube, then projects them back down to the surface. It’s just easier to do instead of randomly inside a bent disc, but if you really need that behaviour I can give it a whack.

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Thank you very much for your reply! it has been very useful. As I am very much a beginner with Grasshopper, I haven’t try to automatize the tracing of the lines. By now I am trying different proportions.

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