Not so random points

Not so much a question as an observation, but I’ve always suspected that the random point components built in to grasshopper had more going on to them than met the eye. The points always seemed to nicely socially distance themselves from each other and any existing points you plugged into the component. Most of the time this proves useful in making even point distributions in a non gridded fashion and I would be curious to learn more about the underlying algorithm that allows for this kind of random. @DavidRutten?

Sometimes though this kind of random can prove undesirable in certain instances and specifically when dealing with small numbers of random points. A quick test of placing 4 points on a surface randomly and recording the results while changing the seed shows that the points tend to the corners of the surface.

This makes sense since the behavior of the random components seems to space points out with a some standard deviation. In some cases I want it to be truly random so I made some simple components with python to populate surfaces with different methods of the python random module. Attaching them here in case they are useful for any one else. (11.1 KB)