Urgent HELP! - list random value from point list -

I’m faily new to grasshopper and i really need help with trying to create a triangular shape using : the end points of list#1 + one of the three points from list #2 ( i want it to pick randomly with the 3)

like this, but randomize where the triangle tip is.

ps. im also not sure if what im doing is the best approach. enlighten me!
facade.gh (16.5 KB)

You need to either Internalise your Geometry, or upload the .3dm file you referenced your geometry from.

Hi, thanks for responding. please see files below.

facade.gh (15.2 KB) random segrrated.3dm (568.7 KB)

If anyone sees this. Please please provide some guidance. I really need help, it’s for a work deadline.

One thing you’d better avoid is placing your geometry far away from the origin point. when objects are far from world origin the mesh becomes fussy.

Facade.gh (13.7 KB)
Facade.3dm (557.3 KB)

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What you are trying to achieve is very far from obvious. Can you sketch an image of your intended outcome or perhaps draw a small section of this facade in Rhino?

Your methods appear to be flawed as you are moving points in X and Y directions without regard to the surface normals (perpendicular outward directions) of each face of your tower.

im trying to achieve variations of a triangle on a facade

the different options being drawn in different colors in the images attached. I want the triangle point to be randomly selected amongst the 4 points.
my initial thought was to create two different set of point and sub-divide the second set to connect the lines. is there a simpler way?

It looks like you mean randomly selected among three points?

yes. exactly

omg. exactly what i needed. thank you so so much!

Just have a question, what is the process of determining the value on this jitter?


Here we need to feed seed input of Jitter component, with different integers for every branch, I thought the easiest way would be to somehow get it from the main list.

This got much uglier than I had hoped, handling all four sides of the tower.
I used a different approach to divide the sides evenly…

facade_2020May20a.gh (42.5 KB)

Geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file.