Grid Morphing and Random Loops

Dear Community,

I would like to ask for some help with something im trying to create. I think it should be quite simple, but as im not very proficient in grasshopper, I could really use your help.

I would like to have a CAD drawing of a surface that is interrupted by force fields that basically tear through the surface and morph the grid creating moments of density and moments of incompactness.
What I want to create is a rectangle with randomly generated circular loops in it. Around these I want a grid to be morphed into more densified and unidentified areas. Attached you’ll find a sketch of what im looking for. Im also adding my .gh file, but i doubt it is very useful;-(

My problem is the following:

  1. How to generate these type of random circular shapes?
  2. How to use the points randomly generated by the pop2d command, as the center point of these circular loops? And have all of these circluar shapes be different from one and another?
  3. How to make a grid that transforms in accordance with the loops positions like in the image i sketched in photoshop, but more fluid than polygonal?
    I would really appreciate your help. Im using this for a student project at Uni and its going to by the basis for a photoshop collage of a city.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!


Grid Morph, Circular (11.5 KB)

Ive found this script in the grasshopper forum, its very close, but its not quite what im trying to accomplish. Im trying to get the grid to morph further away from the circle, not only on the curve edge. I understand that the problem lies in the way that the script is written, i just dont know how to approach this.
Attached youll find a screenshot of the script and the result, also the .gh file.