Rainy Scene, Raindrops on glass. Is it possible? How?

I have searched quite a while now and I dont seem to find any results relating to these scenes in v-ray. I have started wondering if its possible at all with vray, and if not, with what software can I achieve this?

Thanks, Shynn


i guess what is shown here is possible with Rhino and VRay too if you know how to create the drop geometry and spread it accross the window…:wink:


I imagine you could do it with a bitmap in the diffuse layer and a displacement map.

like @clement has mentioned, I think the simplest way I think is to model the water droplet.
u can create a half-sphere geometry. like this =

make 3 - 4 with various size and instance it onto the surface using grasshopper. (I converted it to mesh to make it easier to work with )

it should look a little bit like this =

with geometry all in place we can simply assign vray material. make sure : affect all channel for both refraction and reflection.
here is a try render, I guess I made the droplets a little too big but u get the idea:

however, it still looks “fake” because all the droplets are in uniform shape
I am still not sure how to make some of them “merged” together to form “blobby” droplets.
(perhaps using metaball in GH and then boolean them at the end.)
or maybe some rhino master out there can give a better answer.


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Hello to all.
I’m trying to do a model like you do to apply to different surfaces (with flow over surface command).
I modelate the different drops, but I don’t know how to do with GH to apply to the surface, can you help me?

Thanks in advance