Radial grid

I can’t connect the parallels on some radial networks I am trying to generate. I can’t sort the points correctly.

Radial Grid.gh (12.4 KB)

Missing curves in your input. Or rather, they are referenced, not internalised.

Is this what you’re after?

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Oh sorry, you are right. And yes!
Radial Grid.gh (17.5 KB)

Only flip matrix fails, because I have more than one polygon, hence the tree becomes more complex.

I see, you’ll need to craft your own conversion using the Path Mapper:

I removed A and C since they’re always zero, B is used to indicate which of the input curves it is, so that one remains intact. The D and index are flipped.


Totally lost here. Can you post that so I can examine it.

Radial Grid (with mapper).gh (27.7 KB)

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Yes! This is perfect. I don’t quite get it though. I will try to understand the logic. Thank you so much.