Curve Array

Hello there!
I’m having a bit of a rough time trying to curvearray these rectangular sections along those vertical lines. For some reason the can’t seem to follow the rails. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

can you upload the GH file with internalised data?

sure! Lei, hold on a sec. Thanks a lot!


there you go!


just reverse the order of either crvs or pts.

wow! that was quick! thanks a lot man! how did you figure it out? if I may ask

It`s quite depend on experience b/c this problem usually happens when we forget check the orders.
Keep using it after a while you can find out easily. :stuck_out_tongue:


how did you check the order? I just dragged a panel onto the canvas to see if I could check it out but I can’t

Use component “LIST ITEM”. You can connect it with a slider.
On the rhino view port the selected item will be highlighted as green color, and once your slider, see the color switches from one item to another. That is the order.
i.e. when you silde, the green crvs, lets say, switch from left to right, and then you check the rectangulars, if they remain the same switching orders, means the orders are matched and won`t have the previous issue. Otherwise you got an oppsite order.

You are absolutely right Lei! Thanks a lot for your help! It was extremely useful

Cheers! :slight_smile: