Close radial grid curves


(Louis Dup) #1


I would like to know if it is possible to close these curves from a radial grid.
Thank you for your help ! (14.7 KB)
Radial grid distortion.3dm (76.3 KB)


You’d be better off inputting “True” value for Nurbs Curve’s “P” input.

(Louis Dup) #3

Fantastic ! It works thank you Kim ! Another and last question, how can I make a surface from these curves ?

(Louis Dup) #4

I’m trying i’m trying but I can’t make it a surface :confounded:

(Tim Stark) #5

Don’t know how to make a Surface out of circles, but may start with a Surface. (15.4 KB)

Nurbs curve to surface
(Louis Dup) #6

Hi Tim, thank you for trying ! This is not the result i expect as you can imagine. I’m wondering if it could be possible by drawing lines as you can see on this picture (in white) and then loft it from both grids. But I don’t know how to proceed…

(Tim Stark) #7

Don‘t understand what you mean?!