Tree-thinking is difficult!

Hi all,

It’s been (many, many) months since I’ve worked with GH and I’m a little (very) rusty…
I want to create separate grids on a list of points.
I was expecting that by grafting both the base planes and the extents in the grid I would get the correct result, but no matter how I do it (simplifying/grafting/flatten) it doesn’t seem to work correctly
In the simplifyed example bellow, we would want to get 4 grids of 1x1 to 4x4.
or in other words: what I would hope to get is a tree with:
1st branch: 1 cell
2nd branch: 4 cells
3rd branch: 9 cells
4th branch: 16 cells

a little help from the geniuses please! :slight_smile: (9.7 KB)

Isn’t that what you have? or are you looking for 4 of each of the types? If so do a repeat data of the list length/points, no?

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How about addingShift Paths at the end?

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thanks guys!
you are both right, I just didn’t realize there was another level since we are talking about 2 dimensional grids… I was wrong in what I was looking for (as I said… rusty)