R8 - how to dock floating panels side by side under another panel?


how can I dock floating panels side by side under another panel? that worked easy in R7, but I dont understand the new docking system.


Hi Benjamin -

I take it you want those two other panels (Materials and Properties) as tabs in the container that houses the Sun panel?

To do that, you need to make sure to drag the panel and not the container in which the panel lives. Both of your red arrows are starting in the location where you move the container. Locate the mouse on the “Materials” tab and start dragging from there.

2023-12-19 Move Panel

If that’s not what you want, please show a screenshot of how you have done this in Rhino 7.

hey Wim,

look super smooth in your gif, thank you.

as you can see this bar is not showing up in my image, so there is no place where i can pull the floating panels.

I added all the panels I want to the floating one, docked it, and then these symbols were showing up and I was able to add the panels also with the right mouse button context menue.