Rhino 8 UI

  1. Is there any way to divide the panel at the right as it is in Rhino 7
  2. Where is the block panel and who do I display it?

Yes, if you drag out one tab from a container, it makes its own container. This container you can then drag and dock under the existing right side bar.

I’m am totally confused on this changing the layout thing. I can pull the properties out but whenever It to go under the lawyers, properties snaps back as a tab where it was to begin with.

I appeared to have gotten things sort of working with properties permanently docked below all the other tabs. Then I opened another file and got this:

—with the properties and layers panels locked in place.

@miano thanks for reporting, I see some odd things happening.

Try this:
Dock the Properties under Layers (With only one modeling window open) then close and reopen Rhino,
that should make the Window Layout you have set stick.
Any luck?

I do see what you are seeing as well as other things, which I will YT shortly.
RH-80204 Containers don’t stay in place when opening new document