R8 Decal Bug - Deactivated Decals Still Showing in Raytraced

Rendered View:

Deactivated Braun decals in decal tab:


Disabled in tab, but still showing:

While debugging decal transparency issue I found that the decal panel has more issues. I think there are bugs in the backend that make it so that Raytraced doesn’t get the correct data.

I’ll investigate more tomorrow and log bugs accordingly.

Thanks for reporting.


Many thanks!

Just throwing out ideas here - but it seems to me that the entire approach to Decals is backwards. Instead of selecting objects and assigning decals to them, it would make way more sense to add decal widgets as standalone…well widgets, and then set targets (objects) for them. This would allow far simpler workflow, and allow much easier mapping of decals across multiple objects, which right now is a pain. For instance, these side stripes span across four polysurfaces and so there’s four widgets…per side. Eight in total, which makes editing a huge pain - you can’t even create groups for widgets, which also seems like it should be a thing?

Also would make far more sense in that decals could then be mirrored, and you’d then you’d simply set the target for the mirrored decal - if different. For instance, right now, you can’t even alt copy a widget, which seems to be something that people would also want to do. So really widgets should exist as their own objects, and then targets set for them, imho. Would solve so many workflow issues.


I love this idea- @nathanletwory is this possible?

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To extend the idea slightly further - why not make Decals a Material type, and then individual decals live in the Materials tab? Then it’s a combination of the UI/UX of the two - so you’d assign to objects a decal widget/material to an object?

add to textures a transform (3d scale/rotate/translate – could have a button to show a viewport widget) along with the ability to disable UV wrap, and the planar wcs/ocs becomes a decal projector operating in the world space, across whichever objects are assigned the texture’s material

have the existing repeat/size & offset continue to work within the context of the projected UV space

lastly, if a texture is given a background color to use where it has alpha and outside the single (wrap disabled) decal UV space, and you are allowed to drive that color with another texture, then you can composite multiple decals independently in (each textured channel of) the material, across the multiple objects to which it is assigned

Probably. Best if you log these ideas as feature requests in YouTrack and assign to @andy . This is stuff that needs some designing done and rework of at least gui, but likely also somewhat in the plumbing.

@sgreenawalt @jdhill thanks for the ideas, I’ve logged them in these issues:

RH-80744 Separate decals into separate objects

RH-80745 Give decals material properties

RH-80746 Texture object to use as decal projector

RH-80747 Separate background setting for decal

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