1) Can't delete decals 2) How to rotate decals? 3)flip/reflect 4) get back to 1:1 ratio of the original 5) numerical input

Hey all! trying out decals instead of texturing
Can you help me with both questions? Thought this is a no brainer.
Btw point snapping when editing the decal cage is also a bit weird.



  1. how to reflect decals? Are there options with coordinates to type some -1 value to flip them?

  1. How can I get back to Original 1:1 scale (no values to set size available)

No numerical input. why not possible in V5?

Luckily I’ve found by clicking desperately around found this dialogue popping up to be able to change the source file of the decal. Very hidden but cool this worked out - saved me another hour setting everything up again. :wink: