R7 Exploring the mystery of bump/displacement/normal maps

It seems like Cycles is totally ignoring my choices of bitmaps. No matter what image file I specify, I get the base color with no texture. The only one that seems to work (sort of) is the “Water rippled” selection from the library.

For example, the attached .jpg seems like it should somehow alter the look of the ground plane, but the attached screen capture shows what I’m getting as a result. I’ve tried it both as a PBR and as a custom material with the same result:

What you are seeing with bumps is logged as: RH-79944 Bump map on ground plane imperceptible

Normal maps will look better. For instance like this.

That is using the Deep Water on GP material I posted a couple of years ago here

If the waves look tiny you will want to increase the size setting, like I did in the screen capture in this post.

Teriffic. I can’t say how many years I’ve struggled with this (mainly out of embarassment).

Great response. Thx.