R7 - Create new layer using tab key issue


When naming a new layer on Rhino6 you could press the tab key and a new layer would be created. The naming dialogue would be active and that made it very easy to create and name quickly new layers.

I can still create layers with the tab key on Rhino7 but the naming dialogue is not on for the new layer, which means that I have to click on the layer to name it. Is there a fix to this?



Didn’t know this!
I can’t replicate your problem on 7.2.21005.13001 , it works exactly as you described it.

Which version of Rhino you have?
Have you tried disabling all third party plugins?

Hi @maje90!

Yep that’s exactly how it used to be. I am still on 7.0.20314.3001 so will try getting the newest version first. Thanks!


Interestingly now it’s working. Haven’t updated or disabled any plugin. Thanks anyway!