R6 Layer state wishes - workflow + layer state of selected layers only


if a current state name is selected and I press “save” than I will be ask for updating the current saved state. I press “no” and expect that the UI for typing in a new name popup, but nothing happens. I need to click in the empty space of the list before saving. But could it not work like know from namedviews where the naming UI popup and the user is ask to replace the current setup if he doesn’t change the name? I think the workflow would be better so.

And I have an other wish, more imprtant. :wink: Example: I have a train interior and three different ceiling setups. I want to save the layer states of the selected ceiling layers only, so that I can switch between ceiling design A/B/C without to change all other layers. So, my wish is a little flag option at the saving window like “save state for selected layers only”. Could it be possible please?


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+1. I also would find saving selected layer states only very helpful.

Hi Micha - got that, thanks.



Thank you Pascal.

I found a workaround until it could be implement. I copy the objects of the needed layers to a new Rhino task and save the needed layer states there, than I export the layer states and import it to the original project file. So, I get independent layer states.

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Is there a chance to see the functionality in the next time? (I’m working on a very complex model now and this functionality would help a lot.)