Layerstatesmanager - Feature request

In my work I use alot of layer states and alot of layers (similar to Sketchup Scenes). Unfortunately as my work progresses I need to modify an existing layer state to reflect client wishes and cannot do this without taking another snapshot. When I create the new snapshot it falls at the bottom of the list and I can’t drag it to another position.

I’d like to see a right click option to “Update” the selected layer state which would over write the currently selected state with the new visibility settings.

Hi Maxedout - I only have Rhino for Windows open at the moment, but here, if you select a named layer state in the list and click on the Save button, it updates the selected state, no need to add a new one…


Not so in Rhino for Mac. Right click only permits Add / Delete / Restore. No refresh or Move option to reorder.

Not a right click - just select and hit the Save button…? …(I can’t remember how the UI looks right off hand, I’ll check it)


Thanks Pascal but unfortunately there is no “Save” option that I can see on my mac. If I highlight the layer state and pull down the “gear” icon for the tools available it doesn’t exist there.

Maybe it’s only on the Windows version.

Ah, yeah, no button. OK, something for the bug heap, I am pretty sure the functionality is there…



Great. It will same me a tremendous amount of time.

Thanks again.

The LayerStateManager is much improved in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try and report bugs as you see them.