Layerstatesmanager - Feature request


In my work I use alot of layer states and alot of layers (similar to Sketchup Scenes). Unfortunately as my work progresses I need to modify an existing layer state to reflect client wishes and cannot do this without taking another snapshot. When I create the new snapshot it falls at the bottom of the list and I can’t drag it to another position.

I’d like to see a right click option to “Update” the selected layer state which would over write the currently selected state with the new visibility settings.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Maxedout - I only have Rhino for Windows open at the moment, but here, if you select a named layer state in the list and click on the Save button, it updates the selected state, no need to add a new one…



Not so in Rhino for Mac. Right click only permits Add / Delete / Restore. No refresh or Move option to reorder.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Not a right click - just select and hit the Save button…? …(I can’t remember how the UI looks right off hand, I’ll check it)



Thanks Pascal but unfortunately there is no “Save” option that I can see on my mac. If I highlight the layer state and pull down the “gear” icon for the tools available it doesn’t exist there.

Maybe it’s only on the Windows version.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Ah, yeah, no button. OK, something for the bug heap, I am pretty sure the functionality is there…




Great. It will same me a tremendous amount of time.

Thanks again.