Layer States Panel Behavior

I’ve noticed 2 differences in the behavior of the Layer States panel between Rhino 6 and 7WIP:
1: In v6, clicking the save icon resulted in a confirmation popup for ‘create a new layer state’ if no named state was selected, or ‘update the selected layer state’ if one was already selected. In 7WIP it creates a new layer state regardless. The only way to update a layer state is to right-click it. The change in behavior seems unnecessary.
2. When the list of layer states is longer than the height of the panel a vertical scroll bar appears (as one would expect), but now in 7WIP a horizontal scroll bar also appears at the bottom of the Layer State panel (for no apparent reason) and the contents of the panel shift slightly to the left, hiding the Layer State icons behind the left-hand frame of the panel, I have to move the horizontal scroll-bar a very short distance to bring them into view. Not a big deal but it seems like a glitch.
The extra horizontal scroll bar will be fixed soon.
This new behavior is by design. The change was made for a number of reasons:

1.) In V6, you had to have nothing selected in order to add a new state (annoying)
2.) In V7, if you have a lot of states, its nearly impossible to figure out how to unselect what is selected (you have to hold a keyboard modifier while clicking or try to click in some white space).
3.) In Mac UI, when you add to a list you click a [+] icon, which adds an item with a default name. You then type to rename. The new behavior conforms to this.
4.) The popup dialog to specify a name or answer an overwrite question is a hold-over from Rhino 3 and clunky.

RH-58885 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks for the prompt feedback.