Wish: Saved LayerState show / hide new layers option

A recent job consisted of a site plan with several development configurations and options within the configurations which were indicated with colours using solid hatching.
In all there were 30 plus layouts, each with a single detail window and unique layerstates. The Layerstate manager worked tremendously on this job.

Wish 1 - Each time a new layer was added, it would show up on all 30 odd saved layerstates, so they all had to be resaved individually to hide the new layer. Could an option be considered where new layers are either added or not to saved layerstates.

Wish 2 - Is it feasible to have an option where a layerstate could be linked to a page layout so the saved layerstate is current when the layout is opened.


Added to bugtracker: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-27864

Great suggestion, yeah I’d love to see an option (or default change) where new layers NEVER get added as visible to existing saved layer state without me saying so.

…Maybe a command of AddLayerToLayerStates allows you to then batch add it to multiple/all existing saved states?


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