Wish: layerstate for saving material state of each layer


today I try to find a setup for a train interior where I need to show different material setups. It could be great if saved layer states could save the current per layer assigned materials.

At the moment I have no idea how to save all my different material setups without copies of geometry. Suggestions are welcome.



This is a good idea… I don’t use Rhino to render or to set up scenes but in Keyshot there are ‘scene sets’ where you can assign different materials and environments to models and switch between them easily. I think it does actually replicate the geometry but it’s a really quick and easy way to colour and test models and environments without having to do it all manually all while leaving your default scene as is.


It’s an outstanding idea. It should be fairly straightforward to implement the necessary data structures, but would probably require some serious thought to make a user interface that’s friendly and streamlined.

The UI could stay like it is, only during the state is saved at the options is an additional flag option “layer materials” needed. Maybe it’s easy to implement for v6.

Hi Micha,

I’ve add a wish list item for this:


There are challenges in implementing this, as not all renderers use the same type of material definitions…

– Dale

Maybe it’s enough to save the material name and the usage of the “assign material by plugin: xx” option flag. So, during restoring the layer state only this two parameters needs to be reassigned.

Thank you,

Now if Keyshot could import Rhino Layer States, that would be amazing…