Quitting rhino with an unsaved document + 1 other thing

launch rhino, draw a curve, quit rhino.

it quits immediately without the “would you like to save?” dialog you would get if you did the same thing except only tried closing the document instead of quitting.

that’s obviously poor management on the user side but just pointing out the behavior.

another thing along the same lines is more of a feature request… that being- when the “would you like to save?” dialog comes up, we can’t use ⌘D for ‘don’t save’ as we can in (some) other applications…

i’ll often do a ⌘W then ⌘D to get out of a window i no longer need or doesn’t require saving but with rhino, it’s ⌘W then mouse to the ‘don’t save’ button…

it’s not a big deal at all… or- i’m not sure if using shortcuts during the save dialogs potentially interferes with the underlaying application, but if it’s just an oversight for not having the ability then could it be hooked up?

If you are running on OS X 10.7, that’s what you get and with no way to change the behavior. It’s how Apple implemented Autosave in 10.7. It’s protecting you from yourself automatically. Rhino never gets told you are closing without changes. As far as Rhino can tell, the model was autosaved and then you immediately closed the model without further changes.

If you have 10.9, check the “Ask to keep changes when closing documents” option in System Preferences > General. Then OS X will ask to keep changes. There’s a comparable setting in 10.8 - it might even have the same title - but I don’t have a 10.8 computer in front of me right now to check.

This again depends on the OS version. In 10.9, the standard Apple keyboard shortcut for “Don’t Save” in the Save dialog is Command-Delete and not Command-D. Apple decided to change this. This will work in all applications. Again, not sure in 10.8 whether it is Command-Delete or not, cause I don’t have 10.8 here right now.

ah… ok… i’ve been mostly using my desktop (10.7) lately and just tried this stuff out on the mavericks laptop and i see the differences… i’ll quit making suggestions etc based off what i see on my desktop… i like mavericks a lot better anyway (tags & airdrop mainly) but i still need to use lion for a few more months.

re: cmmd-delete… i just never knew that one but i now see cmmd-D doesn’t work in these situations with apple apps and cmmd-delete does.
i guess i’ll blame photoshop for me thinking ‘don’t save’ is cmmdD… that’s how it works in adobe apps and a few other applications i use have followed suit… but cmmd-delete works in every program… so, thanks for the lesson