Auto Save saving over original

When I open a new file and make a change its saving over the original. This is frustrating if im trying a new idea and dont like it. I’ll have to hit undo until im back to the original. Is this a new standard or a glitch. Id really like to avoid having to duplicate every file I make, just to try a small change.

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Please read to learn about Apple’s Versions and Auto Save. The following paragraphs come from and will help:

Auto Save constantly saves to disk any changes you make to a model. If you wanted to experiment with a model and then close the model without saving any of the changes, Auto Save in 10.7 made that difficult. If you just closed the model, all the current changes would be automatically saved to disk by Auto Save. You had to explicitly revert your model back to a previous version to undo your changes.

In 10.8, there is a new setting in System Preferences > General for changing that behavior. There is a checkbox titled “Ask to keep changes when closing documents”. We suggest that you check this checkbox. Now when you make changes to a model and do not explicitly save your changes before closing the model, the system will ask if you want to save your changes. The “Don’t Save” button lets you discard any changes that you made to the model since your last save. Note that this is a system-wide setting and will change the behavior of all programs, not just Rhino.