[BUG] Weird looping behaviour when attempting to close Rhino without saving the inexistant document?


In current version of Rhino (6.27.20176.04592, 2020-06-24), as in previous versions, there’s a weird looping behaviour that happens, if you want to close Rhino without saving the current document, which was previously deleted or moved.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 12.59.03

You get presented with 3 options: “Revert Changes”, *Cancel" to not quit afterall, and “Save”. There however is no option to quit without saving, which is annoying!!
“Cancel” and “Save” can’t be used in this specific case, since “Cancel” returns you to Rhino and “Save” well saves the document, which was moved or deleted.
Effectively, the only option that remains is “Revert Changes”. However it causes an error, because the file doesn’t exist anymore.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 12.59.12

By clicking “OK”, you are returned to Rhino, which effectively means that you are stuck in a loop that you can’t escape, and Rhino can’t be exited (unless you “Force Quit” the application).

Mac allows you to delete an open document from outside the application that has it open?


Hmm, strange concept to be able to delete a document that you have open and are working on…

Or, absolute freedom? Consider that the trash bin is only another folder with some special features. This means that deleting files means only moving them to a specific folder, until you empty the trash (delete that folder?)!