Quick way to import points in Rhino

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I’m trying to import a set of points into Rhino with as little preprocessing as possible in Grasshopper. I have the X,Y,Z coordinates in an excel file. In Excel, I can prepare the format of the points that are necessary. What is the fastest way to do it?

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3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Have x, y, z in separate columns and use pancake to read the excel file. Pass the output into construct point

Alternatively, save the excel as a csv file and use python’s built in csv reader

points_from_csv.gh (7.4 KB)
points.csv (103 Bytes)

Thank you for your answert. Sorry if I didnt explain my problem properly

I have a excel file with a different number of points in each columns. Each column represent a curve I need to represent in Rhino like a pipe.

I´m looking for the quickest way import and plot de data in Rhino.

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Send/upload the excel file

Fastest Way:
Take them into a textfile in this format: “X,Y,Z” = “10.5,20.3,2.3”.
Select all → CTRL+C → Go to Rhino create point → press CTRL+V = U get all points.

To create these format use the programm “Notepad +” there u can search and replace. with CTRL + F
U can also use Excel to place the maybe seperated (X Y Z data) from A B C into D in this format X,Y,Z

Import.gh (11.9 KB)
Here is a Script, it will help u to understand how to do it with multiple files.

1.Seach and read files in a path
2.Read files
3.get the Coordinates and create Points
4.Bake the Points on a Layer with the same name of the File.
5. The script is creating polylines out of the points
6. Then u can add component “Pipe” and “cap holes” to create 3D
(U dont need to do 1-5, the script is doing everythink, simple add the Path and press the Button)

I used it to import 40 textfiles, with each 10 coordinates to create lines. With 1 click.
Text files needs only contain “X,Y,Z” “10.5,20.3,2.3” This format.
The path should only contain the textfiles.

Save file as CSV out of excel. Then open the CSV with Rhino: