Import from Excel


I design boats and have use software in the past that allows you to create excel sheet with what is know as a table of offsets, these are then imported and used to create the loafing points . I am very new to Rhino, and if it is in there I have not found this feature. Thank you


You cannot import data from an Excel file using basic Rhino import modules, however it can be done with a script. Oftentimes if it’s just a file containing point coordinates though, it’s easier to export it as a .csv which Rhino can import directly as point objects if the csv is formatted correctly.



Okay did not think of .CSV

(David Cockey) #4

Excel spread sheet with offsets needs to be arranged in decimal form with each offset triplet on a single row; X coordinate in first column, Y coordinate in second column, Z coordinate in third column. No header rows; only numbers.

Save the coordinates in Excel as a .csv file.

Import the .csv file into Rhino.