.CSV with columns to points

Hey community!

So i am trying to get inputs in an csv or excel file with 3 columns that where each column represents an x y and z for points that would be mapped in rhino? does anyone have any advice or a start to a script that could help me out. im just trying to create a 3d data graph.

thanks a bunch!

To import sets of points in a .csv file I use the Import command in Rhino and select .csv as the file type.

.csv files need to have the columns separated by commas. (csv is for comma separated values.) Excel can export in .csv format

If you have a file with x y z triplets which are not separated by commas then they should be in a .txt file.

oh; so i can bring the CSV into grasshooper; i just need help developing a script that takes the csv data into the variable points with grasshopper

so i am trying to map each number on the list to coordinates on the point here is the data if that helps!

Can you internalize the output of the Read File component, before the text panel?

I see four numbers on each line, not three. Value of the last one are all between 76 and 93?

Here’s some test data from that other thread, internalized in the csv file text param:

parse_data_2018Feb25a.gh (18.6 KB)