Quick Solid extrusion?

I’m searching for a quick way to extrude a part of a surface like in Sketchup where you can draw a line into a face and that face it is automatically splited in half and after that with push-pull command you can extrude a one of the parts of that face and the resulting geometry is an extruded solid withowt any edge between.

Unfortunatelly I can’t find in Rhino the tool that will allow me to do this.

Extrude.3dm (158.9 KB)

Yes, my bad.

Extrude.3dm (45.1 KB)

@RichardZ well, OT to this post, but V6 is in RC (release candidate stage) and in a few weeks/months V6 format will be “standard” in parallel with V5. This will be a problem for MacRhino users wanting to pick up posted files here and elsewhere - been discussed, but there is no real solution… Hopefully soon the MacRhino WIP will jump over to V6 code/format…


The V6 Gumball has an extrusion handle (round dot) which shows up when an extrudable object is selected - it allows you to extrude a face or curve without holding ctrl, so it’s even easier. --Mitch

But what I want to achieve is to split only a face of the solid, let’s say in half and after that just quickly extrude without leaving an edge between.

How to split a face of the solid by a line?

Type _SplitFace, select face to modify, select the polyline/curve you want to use as split, then ctrl+shift+select the face you want to extrude. Extrude with gumball.

As @RichardZ mentioned above, use SplitFace. I have an alias for this. The command allows you to draw a line while in it, or select a pre-existing curve. Then you can extrude the split face. I prefer using the actual command ExtrudeSrf (Solid=Yes DeleteInput=Yes) instead of the Gumball, as it works better for pushing faces inward, which Gumball extrude does not like. You would still need to MergeAllFaces afterward to eliminate the seams. For me, those are all two-letter aliases I use fairly often.

Thank you. It is working but after that I still have the edges between the original face and extruded one. I need to apply also the MergeAllFaces command to get rid of them. Can be a simpler workflow somehow?

Please can you share-it? This also have the automatic MergeAllFaces applied?

Rhino as no direct editing capacities, you will have to do this manually as mentionned by others here.

MOI, ( sorry i like to talk about moi :slight_smile: ) can do this.

P.S. Sorry, I just realized after that you actually used MOI.

I would like to see such a workflow in Rhino.

Your screencasts are good, unfortunatelly I can’t see your shortcurs or toolbars so it is half useles.

sf = ! _SplitFace
ef = ! _ExtrudeSrf _Pause _Solid=_Yes _DeleteInput=_Yes
mf = ! _MergeAllFaces

You could change the middle macro above to:

! _ExtrudeSrf _Pause _Solid=_Yes _DeleteInput=_Yes _Pause _SelLast _MergeAllFaces _SelNone

Video (sorry, don’t have Snagit on this machine, only Jing.

There will be situations that Rhino won’t do very well with, but it works fine most of the time for blocky, planar shapes.


me personally in this scenario, i draw a box then boolean instead of trying for a direct modeling approach.

i have a boolean macro (BU) which unifies the solid:

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Video require Adobe Flash! Can’t see that.

Yep, that’s all you can do with Jing…

When you use the Edge browser, you can allow Flash 1x: