Extruding a surface larger

Hi All. Is there a way to pull one face of an extruded rectangle to make it larger or do I need to make a new 2d rectangle at my new size then extrude that? Many thanks

You can select a subobject (point, edge, surface) by holding CTRL + SHIFT and a left mouse click, then drag or use the Gumball.

that’s great. Thanks for that. Is it possible to extrude it by a set amount as that method seems to be freehand. Thanks

I’m usually using the Gumball in Snappy mode. You can click on an arrow and enter the desired distance.

Thanks. Is snappy a gumball setting? I’m not familiar with it, or do you mean grid snap? Thanks

just realised i can type the amount while dragging the gumball. Thanks so much for your help

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It’s a Gumball setting

Not sure how this looks on a mac