There is any way to extrude like sketchup?

anybody know, if on rhino is possible to extrude a face like on sketchup?
some intersected polylines, form a face, a quick tool to extrude that face?

Make sure the gumball is on. Use Shift+Ctrl+Left click to select a face. Then drag the gumball arrow in the direction you want to extrude, hold ctrl down then let go of the arrow.

There is also a dot on the arrow that you can click and then drag. That is the same as doing ctrl+drag.

@Michael_Pryor if I hold shift+ctrl+left click, it doesnt select the face between polylines, but only the edges

It will, just click on the face, or scroll down to face on the menu that comes up of selectable objects when you click. Shift+ctrl+left click let’s you select edges and faces depending what you click on.

nothing happens…

Because you don’t have any faces.

Im kinda confused right now…
The polylines doesn form any face?
on the random polylines, there is a triangle shape,
how can I extrude that shape/face
formed by the polylines? .-.

Polylines do not create faces. Faces are surfaces. You can create surfaces many ways. Look at rhinos surface tab. If you wanted to make faces from a random polyline like that then I would use the command curveboolean then to make those boundaries as faces use planarsrf command.

These might be useful too:

– Dale

thanks to both :slight_smile:

You can also use “ExtrudeSrf.”
If the surface is planar it will default to extruding in the normal direction like sketchup.
My understanding is it will extrude a non-planar surface - which sketchup can’t do.
If it’s not planar, or you want to extrude in a different direction, read the options as there are many.
For example, if you choose to make the extrusion solid and delete the original, it keeps it as part of the original object you extruded the surface from.

Great thing is it keeps the portion you’ve extruded as a separate piece until you merge the surfaces.
After I push and pull, if I have the result I want, I usually “MergeAllFaces” on the object so it merges any faces that are adjacent to other faces with which they are planar.

Dale may have already answered this. I can’t see his images. But if not, I highly recommend ExtrudeSrf and MergeAllFaces.