Making a solid out of a surface

Since the last update I am not able to make a solid by selection of a surface, then tab [ALT], type a distance en holding [CTRL}.On screen it seems to work well but when finishing the the action, there is no solid.
A bug?

Hi Frits - if you are asking about Gumball-extruding, in Rhino 5(?) this works as far as I can tell, but I am not sure exactly what workflow you’re asking about. Note to make extrusions in V 5 with Gumball, Ctrl must be down when you finish the dragging out of the extrusion.


Sorry for the incomplete data.
I am working in WIP V6 and yes gumball extruding.
until yesterday it worked well. Today there was a update and now it do not work.
I checked in V5 and there it works fine as usual

Hi Frits - on V6/WIP, drag on the dot in the middle of the arrow to make an extrusion - no Ctrl needed. Working?


Nope, sorry not working
Work In Progress
(6.0.17080.15461, 21-3-2017)

Hi Frits - so, Ctrl-Shift select a face on a polysurface, or just select normally on a surface - click and drag and release the gumball, dragging from the dot, no keys down… that’s the basic workflow - no action?


I found out there must be something wrong with the surface witch i want to extrude. with a new surface it works.
with the “old” surface there is no dot in the middle of the arrow.
I checked for bad objects but there is non. the surface was made by polyline, closecrv, planarsrf.

I found the problem.
It was my fault. sorry for the inconvienience.
It seems to be a surface but it was already a solid.
I think, I released the mouse button accidentally for an instance sow there was a extreem thin solid.

Sounds like a good place for a “Trying to extrude a solid” popup tooltip on the gumball.

It was the combination a update from WIP, the first extrude in that version and probably a hiccup of the mouse at the moment I wanted to extrude. the chance all these circumstances are the same is close to zero I think.

Sanity tip:
Keep an eye on the Properties panel and keep it open.
When a command doesn’t work like it should, select the object and make sure it is what you think it is.
In this case what should have been described as a “Surface”, would be a “Closed polysurface”.