Quick setup for interior renderings

Hi there, we are a kit kitchen manufacturer using Rhino for 3D design and ultimately sending geometry to CNC.

I have purchased Brazil in the past as I did a few renders in a previous job, but in those cases people were paying for the time to do this, so I could spend the time setting up materials, lighting, etc. Also here there are 4 staff using Rhino, and it would be a lot of effort to train everyone up in this, as well as the commercial reality of the time to produce. As a kit kitchen manufacturer people are operating in the more budget end of the market, so we don’t have the margin to spend the time.

The standalone kitchen design packages that are out there have built in renderers, quick changes of materials, etc. They are also offering built in VR experiences also.

We have been sending out ‘shaded view’ drawings to date, but I’d like to lift the level of presentation to be on par with some of these other kitchen design packages.

Every room is different of course, and I’m assuming there are others in the same situation as us. Would you recommend a standard lighting rig or other template?

And as far as renderer goes… should I stick with Brazil? Or are there some realitime solutions worth looking at? Neon? Cycles? Simlab?

Would love to hear what others are doing!



Actually, have just been playing with faking a scene with a box of rectangular lights. It isn’t realtime, but results are pretty good.

Just FYI Cycles is being integrated in Rhino WIP, you can find it as the Raytraced viewport mode, or, after enabling, as Cycles for Rhino plug-in.


Thanks @nathanletwory, just downloading the demo now for a look.

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Hi @agmckenna,

What did you end up going for? Have you decided on something? I’m in a similar situation now and am exploring what we could/should go for.

I ended up using 5 rectangular lights, 4 sides and a top. The results were pretty good for a quick rendering.