Quick feedback (.......)

Hi guys,

Right now the TOPICS are not what gets the most attention, and that is not right in my opinion.

can you please set the font a bit smaller, remove some of the space between each topic and tone down the category icons? Why do they need to be color coded? If you could have participants smaller too, then that would be nice.

(And would it not be more correct to call them posts? To me “add post” feels different than “create topic”)

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“Posts” is so… so… newsgroupy… :slight_smile:

I’m getting use to the nomenclature here too but I think it looks like this. Categories>Topics>Replies

A ‘post’ in the traditional sense can then be a Topic or a Reply I think but I’m making that up.

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All possible through CSS of course, there is an admin UI to add override CSS as needed.