New forum look

I’m wondering if I’ve changed something inadvertently.

Now every thread has the section title on it. For instance, when I’m in Rhino for Windows, every thread has a gray bar underneath it that says Rhino for Windows. Very distracting visually.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion you have to reset this back to the way it was.

We don’t like it either.


Was this something that somebody at McNeel requested, or something that the folks at Discourse thought would be a really great idea and implemented without asking?

It isn’t, and sentiment on the McNeel discourse forum seems to be running pretty solidly against it.

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AFAIK, Discourse made this unannounced change. Very frustrating

and @sam isn’t responding here… It probably was announced on the Discourse main forum, but I don’t think any of us read it…

It’s kind of like reading a book that has a banner with the title of the book at the end of every paragraph. Very difficult to scan down the list, looking for threads you’re interested in.

I also noticed that @discourse isn’t even on the popup list anymore.

Hi all,

Have a read here…

Seems to indicate there may be a way to have it back… But on the other hand, it seems most people outside this forum like it… :grimacing:

Hi it is the weekend here, I have it sitting in my email.

Sorry, but we do announce all our changes per:

I recommend watching that category for up to date news on all things Discourse… a fair bit did change recently.

There is a CSS customisation at the end of the topic that can bring it back visually if you wish.

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Also looks awful now on an iPad…

How do you distinguish between categories?

I’m sure that the people who favor this scheme manage/use forums that have far fewer than the 60 categories we do.

@stevebaer , can something be done here? I haven’t see one single favorable user reaction on our side.


Now it’s better :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we should go back to and the good old days of NNTP. I miss having them printed as a daily digest every morning to read on paper.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but we are not your customers. McNeel is your customer. In fact I doubt that John could be thought of as your customer. He is just a user who happens to work for McNeel. None of us have much interest in what is going on behind the scenes at McNeel’s tool manufacturer and don’t want to monitor it. We want it to just work, which discourse has been doing for us for quite a while.

We thought we had seen the height of arrogance and hubris with Apple, Microsoft, Google and the social media companies, but you can sure join the list now. What a strange idea of customer service you must have: bend over because here comes the customer service.

I think most of us believe that you provide a tool to McNeel which they use to provide our support. You surely must have a point of contact with McNeel. Do you coordinate this stuff with them or just toss it over the wall and see what happens? I guess you found out.

In my opinion I don’t believe there was ever any benefit to the garish color block appearance of the category label, but it’s location was perfect. It would work pretty well if it just had the same font size as the topic title but used the category color as the font color. Ever since the beginning of computer listings the holy grail of presentation has been a single line per data item if at all possible. Going to two lines for some frivolous reason like you have done with this current mod is just plain unnecessary and lacks style and class. It also wastes vertical screen space. It’s a high priority design point to be able to comprehend as many data items as possible on the screen without scrolling.

I sure hope what we see today isn’t your last, best effort at trying to improve discourse.

I also hope you make a much more concerted effort to involve your customers and their customers in any proposed changes like the best customer oriented companies instead of trying to emulate the worst “my way or the highway” companies. Your product is something we use daily. I think we are the best judges of what’s good and what’s bad.


I do not understand who wanted this change but, in my opinion, now it is confusing, illegible and less clear than before.
Sometimes “changes” do not always coincide with “improvements”.





They are trying to ruin it. It’s just unbelievable.

// Rolf

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Oh dear!

So much harder to quickly find the topics one is interested in,those tiny dots and the text necessitate actual reading instead of glancing as before.

Is this new “look” really cast in stone?

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Perfect Lagom!