Discourse looks strange now


at the moment each post get the category shown and so it’s more difficult to get an overview over the posts. Is it only me or is it a new look? Is it possible to disable the category name at each post?



@Micha I’m getting the same look here; it just changed within the hour??

will try to add META link>>>Thanks @siemen

About an hour ago. I liked the old way better. :sunglasses:

Yep, interesting change. It feels crisper some how. I’m sure most of us will adjust.

I strongly dislike the new “look”. It’s inefficient and confusing.
Please change it back or make an option to change it back.


I agree with John. Why fix something that ain’t broke? Just to tick us off?

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Another one here that thinks the new look is less efficient, less items per page and why tell me its the Rhino for Windows on every message.

Doesn’t look good or helpful even in forums with more subsections, could drop the main forum tile from items with just Serengeti.


Hate it.

I obviously have lousy short-term memory because I’m struggling to see any substantive difference from the way it looked yesterday…

I don’t like it either - at all… Too cluttered.


I don’t have any background on this, but it looks like a U/I “face lift”, by a Web page designer, that doesn’t actually use the tool in “the trenches” like we do.

@sam Help! We need to be able to turn this new version off…

Oh, by the way this seems like it’s bein smartphone driven to have a more vertical, scrollable layout… ugh.

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Hate it also, but seems to only be some of the categories.

I liked the previous version more :roll_eyes:

The Light (Compact) theme sorta works okay (or better at least) with this new feed layout (see this thread). But yeah, the (or, my) eyes are really drawn to the colored category boxes instead of the topic title headline. And the compact theme is arguably still a wee bit too compact and has odd white spacing :man_shrugging:

Not a big fan of it either. It draws attention to things that aren’t that important.

That’s weird…I could swear it was always like this for me :thinking:

Do you guys mean Tags under posts? You did’t have them??

Yes, me too.
Well, maybe not always, but from quite some time …
I remember that I noticed how many Grasshopper posts appeared here when its Ning forum was closed.

For reference, the category boxes were to the right of the topic title, in their own column:


Ah OK, I must have forgot that … Thanks !