"new" tag feature

Have just seen this aesthetic feature.
Frankly, it is terrible. I preferred the old “1,2,3…” tag (based on the number of new replies in the topic).

Does this come with the newest discourse update?


“new” is just for new topics, it used to be * … people were confused about what * meant.

(1) (2) etc. still show up as before.

Hi Sam.
Thank you for the reply.
But I am getting “new” all over the place, even for new replies. Please check the upper screenshot.

Will try to delete cookies, caches and history and try again.

I see the screen shot, but new is only a replacement for what used to be *.

I agree it takes a bit too much visual focus at the moment, but the functionality has not changed at all.

I guess I can understand the problem with the *, and I don’t think your solution is a bad one, but you are right: too much visual focus. I think that if you don’t have a completely different idea, making the oval no taller than the lower case characters and the text appropriately smaller would tone it down nicely, especially if you mute the blue as well.

Yes, @kris our designer is working on this now, should be a bit better tomorrow.

Sorry for that.
I still think * was much more visually convenient than new.
But, that’s just my opinion.

Its just that we had so much trouble explaining to new users what * meant.

Has kris applied the new look?
Still looks the same.
I think the “new” icon is too large.

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Can you do a visual mock of what you would find acceptable ?

Hi Sam.
Well, I can only speak based on my personal opinion, which does not need to be universally correct.
I preferred the old “star” sign. But did not know so many people complained about it. But this one is huge. Maybe you could try having the same shape and text (“new”) but with the width of the new replies (“star”) circle diameter?