Questions about using Rhino 8

Hi, I started to use Rhino Grasshopper again recently and installed Rhino 8.

However, as some of the components are outdated, is there any method to update them automatically? I tried solution but many cannot be detected.

Also, may I ask if there is any plugin for iterations on Rhino 8? Coz the previous one I used, Colibri and TT are only for Rhino 7 or below at the moment.


The white components are from a plugin which is not available for Rhino 8 or not installed on your computer. It makes sense to keep a Rhino 7 installation until all your definitions are updated successfully to Rhino 8.

What exactly do you mean with iterations?

Thanks Martin. For iterations, I was referring to the component that is able to automatically generated the preset scenarios when I am doing simulation, instead of running them one by one.

Can you provide an example how you did this in Rhino 7?

Thanks. I downloaded the older version of the plugin and it still works on Rhino 8.