Rhino 8 Compute

Hi, I believe @stevebaer or @AndyPayne mention at the dev meeting that Compute itself and compute deployment script should be updated to Rhino 8 soon, is it already the case?


Thanks for the question. We are still working on this and hope to have a fix published soon. I will respond here once a new version of Hops and Rhino.Compute are published for Rhino 8.

OK, thanks !

Hi @AndyPayne , any news on this?

Unfortunately, we’re still looking into this. It’s not a super easy transition to get Rhino.Compute working with Rhino 8 since we had to switch from .NET 4.8 to .NET 7 which has it’s own complications. We are aware of the issues and are working towards rectifying this as soon as we can.

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Hi all (and mainly @AndyPayne) :wave: and sorry to deter an old topic. Do you have updates on this old topic?

Sure. Rhino.Compute has been working for Rhino 8 for a few months now. You can try it out by downloading the Hops plugin via the package manager. This will launch a local instance of Rhino.Compute (compatible with Rhino 8) every time you launch Grasshopper. Alternatively, you can pull down the source code (making sure you pull the 8.x branch) and build/run Rhino.Compute from source.

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Thanks so much, i pulled the code but totally missed the 8.x branch. Sorry about that and thanks for your quick reply!

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