Question on how to use Blocks in Rhino

Hello there,

I’m still learning how to use Rhino. I have used Autocad for around 12 years, so I might be still in the wrong mind on some commands and use in Rhino.

So my question is how to use blocks in Rhino. I know how to create, use and insert blocks. I just find the way how to insert blocks inconvenient. To be clear, I want to create a library of blocks, witch I can use in every new drawing. But somehow that doesn’t seem to work well. Is there a way to create a Palette of blocks witch I can insert by just dragging or at least use the insert command and all my blocks I have ever made show up?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Well, if it was Windows Rhino you could create a folder to store all your block base files and set that as your default open folder in your Library panel. Then you could just drag and drop files from there into the Rhino window and choose “Insert”.

However, I’m not sure any drag-and-drop functionality has been added to Mac Rhino.

Thanks for the answer. Well, somehow I don’d find a Library panel in Rhino!? might be only in Rhino for Windows

This is what I do. I create a file for the blocks and leave on the root of my project files, then when I need to use some of these blocks, I just open the file and copy/paste them to my current project as needed.

The other thing you can do is create a template file with some of or most used blocks. For instance, I have different templates, for sketches, final project layouts, landscape, housing, etc.

Copy and pasting is always a option. I just find the way of doing it not really convenient.
Tbh I don’t like to have my templates already loaded with all my blocks either. It makes the template heavy and I think with loads of blocks it will slow the performance of your computer down