Best practices to work with BLOCKS (mac version)

I still struglle to come up with a good workflow to use blocks in the mac version. The inability to use ‘blockedit’ is a bit frustrating. Don’t worry I am not here to complain since I truly love the mac version however I am curious about how others work with blocks and what your workflow is?
More specifically:

  • how to you set up your folders and organize them, where do you keep your blocks in relation to your project file
  • how do you edit a block and make sure all blocks are updated afterwards

Any tips or tricks are highly appreciated.
Looking forward to more block features which apparently are coming up soon.

Here is another question.
If I create a block in a separate file it seems like I can only insert the whole file. Including all the geometry in this file not just the block instance.
Adjusting the block in the source file where the original block was created does not translate in adjustments to that block in other files. Is there an update command which I am not aware of?

I am sorry if I come across inexperienced (in fact I am) but there must be to work with block entities in a professional way, I am clearly missing something here. I have read the topic in the help file but this did not clarify much.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Read through this thread , it has some basic block understanding information.

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